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A (not so brief) History of

Bopators IV (March/1964)

Where to begin?       Let's see...back in 1963 Jim Hines was fooling around with his first guitar, a Harmony acoustic. The fact that Jim only new 3 chords and not a single song all the way through didn't deter him from his goal of playing in front of people. In 1964, with The Beatles as his muse, he set out with his next door neighbors, the Woods brothers  (Larry and Gary), Chuck Hintz, and Ken Berry (a guy who really could play drums), to start "The Bopators IV". Swell name huh?! O.K. it was 1964, whadda ya expect? The Bopators IV lip synced every song by The Beatles and other popular bands of the era at birthday parties, cub scout meetings, nursing homes, you know...anywhere they'd let them loose. Jim continued to practice his guitar 4 or 5 hours a day applying what he had learned from 4 years of classical piano training.


Then one day Ken, who was dying to really play music, had a suggestion...


...he knew two other guys from Oelwein High who played guitar and they were interested in starting a band. And so began The Pages. Rich Michael played guitar, keyboards, and sang lead vocals. Paul Bezilla... well Paul was the only one willing to play bass.

Pages 1965
The Pages

First Song List

Homeward Bound
Cut Out (original)
Hide Your Love Away
Hey Little Girl
Red Riding Hood

The Pages practiced, and practiced, and practiced some more. Soon they were out playing the same Cub Scout meeting circuit as the Bopators 4 before them. One night Jack Mihall, a DJ with KOEL AM in Oelwein, heard The Pages and invited them to play at Lakeside Ballroom with him during his 15 minute breaks.

Pages c1966
on the ground -Ken Berry;
 on the wagon  L to R -
Rich Michael, Paul Bezilla, & Jim Hines
The Pages (1966)

The rest was history. Within a year The Pages were letting Jack "spinnin' a few just for you" Mihall  play during their breaks. The Pages dreamed about the future. They dreamed of having Vox Super Beatle amps, just like the big stars of the day. Someday...someday they hoped! Little did they know...

December 28, 1968

Record Crowd at
Hiway Gardens Ballroom
Stanwood, IA

1,212 people

...that by 1968 they would be the top drawing band at almost every ballroom in Eastern Iowa, pulling in crowds of over a thousand people at Hiway Gardens in Stanwood, Dance-Mor in Swisher, The Gayla in Independence, Matter's in Decorah, and all the rest of the classic old ballrooms in Iowa.

They were playing all the county fairs in the area. They played most of the high schools and colleges. The Pages  were invited to play at the Iowa State Fair.They performed in concert with The New Colony Six (from Chicago), Paul Revere and The Raiders, Climax, Tony Orlando and Dawn, just to name a few. In 1968 they recorded a 45 on UA records (High School/Sugar the Road). The Pages had a huge sound and light system including the first strobe lights in Eastern Iowa (2,000 watt strobes) and, yes, they had already been through a couple of Super Beatle Amplifiers.

Debbie Kolz  


In 1967 Debbie Kolz joined The Pages as a featured vocalist. Debbie was from Garber, IA and had a fantastic voice. She sang with the band for almost two years adding yet another dynamic presence to the  Pages stage!

In 1968 Ken Berry graduated High School (a year ahead of schedule) and went off to college. the Pages quickly added Bill "Saki" Megonigle  on the drums. They continued to dominate the music scene in Eastern Iowa. That year was capped with two performances on WMT-TV's "Where It's At" music show.

Pages 1968

The Pages went on playing over 125 nights a year until Paul, Rich, & Jim graduated in June of 1969. The band went to the back burner and the three new grads went off to ISU in Ames.
When they started to play again in 1970 they added a new twist. Jon James (trumpet, sax, flute, and vocals), Mike Ruse (trumpet), and Jim Enke (trombone) played with Top Brass during High School. The Pages recruited them and were shortly playing all of Chicago's big hits. Pages 1971
Click on image to enlarge

Pages summer/1970
Click on image
to enlarge

Their popularity skyrocketed, they went on tour up through Minnesota and Wisconsin. They began playing a few originals. Crowds loved their musicianship, charisma, and dance music. Things were looking bright. But Saki got married and left the band in Spring/1971. Needing a new drummer, The Pages hooked up with Denny Carlson, a UNI Jazz Band  drummer/percussionist. He was astounding! After six months or so, Dennis talked the band into letting Enke and Ruse go and enlisting fellow Jazz Band musicians Al Naylor (trumpet) and Loren Fagen (trombone). They too were very, very talented musicians and The Pages were even better than before. But discord was beginning to strike. The musical style was changing...
The Pages break their own record!

Over 2,184 people at
Hiway Gardens

in Stanwood, IA

December 20, 1969

Pages 1972

As with many musical groups- diverse goals, differing musical tastes, and the usual personality conflicts were driving The Pages apart. Jim was interested in doing more originals and liked playing songs in the  blues and rock genre, while the other guys were headed towards a jazz-rock fusion type of sound. The Pages Road Crew

Wally South

Ron Zanatta


Gary Andrews

Sound Tech

Without these guys The Pages couldn't have put on the shows they did for over 9 years!

In the summer of 1973 Jim and The Pages went their separate ways. Jim played out The Pages contracts with a temporary  line up of musicians from Iowa City. The rest reformed as the band "Chance". Jim continued to play professionally, full time until the mid 1980's. Chance eventually broke up; Rich and Paul turned to careers and eventually families after college.

 After The Pages, Jim went on to play with Shatter, a very successful band in the Midwest. Jim continues to play to this day, his most recent band being ONE 80. He is an Emergency Room Physician Assistant in Marengo, IA.

Paul is an attorney in Minnesota  teaching music law and still plays bass. Ken Berry lives and works in Rochester, MN. Rich Michael is a contractor in Georgia. Debbie Kolz  lives in Minnesota. Jon James farms near Oelwein and Jim Enke is a Senior Executive with an apparel company in Toronto. Mike Ruse is in Indiana.

The jazz band players: Denny works in data processing in the New York area, Al Naylor teaches music in Marion and plays with the popular group Orquesta de Jazz y Salsa Alto Maiz. Loren Fagen is jamming in Norway (that's right, the country!).

Bill 'Saki' Megonigle lives in Houston, TX. and still misses "those days" -- as do we all.

R. Connor
Freelance Journalist

The Pages performed in concert with:

bulletThe New Colony Six
bulletPaul Revere & The Raiders
bulletTony Orlando & Dawn
"It's Only Rock & Roll...
But I Like It"

rolling stones

The Pages Final Photo
The Pages 1972
six months prior to disbanding
Click on photo to enlarge

The Pages were one of a few Iowa bands to make a lasting and profound impact on the Iowa Music Scene. An inspiration to many aspiring musicians, The Pages are to this day regarded as a legendary group from a most influential era in Iowa's Music History.

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The Pages were inducted into the Iowa Music Association's
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Sunday September 5, 1999
Roof Garden Ballroom
Arnolds Park

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